Ilan Bluestone delivers and Soundprank takes us to the movies

I wrote an earlier blog post about how Soundprank is classically trained and describes himself as a “musical storyteller”. That is on full display in his new track called “Legion”. Take a listen starting at 2:15. It is amazing how powerful a few sparse and echoing piano notes can be. Let’s not forget those haunting female vocals. I really like this very specific sound (akin to wailing), and it has been put to good use in dramatic film soundtracks. The soundtracks to “Munich“, “Gladiator” and “Troy” come to mind. It elicits a primal and emotional response, and I think it works well in an EDM track. Sometimes the synths and bass can sound emotionally sterile and void of a human element. Soundprank brilliantly solved that problem in this track.

That Ilan Bluestone is so hot right now. He recently guest-mixed on ABGT, and his set featured some new material as well as a mind-blowing remix of “We’re All We Need”. Below are some of the highlights from ABGT and his new single, “43”.

1:35:50- This is an amazing remix of Big Ben (Ilan Bluestone) and Black Room Boy (Above & Beyond).

1:50:13- I didn’t think that “We’re All We Need” could get any better. I love its original simplicity, and I haven’t really liked many of the official remixes until now. I think some of Ilan’s best work is when he is remixing Above & Beyond. Take a listen to OceanLab’s (an Above & Beyond alias) “Satellite” remixed by Ilan to see what I am talking about.

Now to his newly released single, “43”. Why is the track called 43? It is because this track was debuted in Ilan’s ABGT100 set at the 43 minute mark. The opening is a bit long, so let’s skip to 1:00. There are no words for the glorious richness and fullness of this track, but I will settle with an unsatisfactory adjective. Massive. 2:15 is pretty incredible as well. By now, you know that I love the middle of tracks where the song is deconstructed and rebuilt layer by layer.

What else can I say? Ilan has yet another hit. His tracks are always solid (at a minimum), but “43” separates itself from recent releases such as “Snapdragon” and joins likes of “Sinai” and “Big Ben” as an Ilan classic.


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