Lane 8’s Upcoming Album “Rise”

I really can’t wait for this album. There isn’t much to say right now other than suggesting that you check out my previous posts about his work and give this new track a listen. His newly released track, “Ghost” really embodies his sound and style well, and it is an excellent barometer to gauge whether you’ll want to search out his other material. Spoiler alert: You will want to!

“Diamonds”, which has been out for a few months, will also be on the album. This one has already become an Anjunadeep classic.

Lane 8 technically falls under the genre of “deep house”, but his music is definitely the more vocal and popularized version of that genre. Close the submarine hatch because we are about to dive deeper. Lets explore some deep ocean trenches where the likes of the following tracks reside. These super deep tunes are verging towards the ambient electronica end of the spectrum. They aren’t for everyone, but I am sure some readers will find them as pleasing as I do.


My trip to Andrew Bayer’s “Do Androids Dream” tour

Andrew Bayer was in town last night for his “Do Androids Dream” tour, and he played at The Observatory in Santa Ana. First of all, if you live in Orange County, I would highly recommend The Observatory as a venue. It is the perfect size for an EDM show and drinks/tickets are reasonable.

I really enjoyed the performance, and Bayer seems to really enjoy performing as well. He is a pretty reserved and introverted guy, so it was interesting to see him smiling and getting caught up in his own music and the crowd. Below are some videos that I took from the show.

Here is a video of Bayer dropping Fatum’s “Mandala”. Above & Beyond also played this when I recently went to their show.

Here are two random clips from close up.

I took this clip while he played one of this new tracks, “Do Androids Dream Pt. 2”. It gets blurry at the end because I think the autofocus got confused when I switched to the crowd then back to Bayer.

I also wanted to throw in the continuous mix of “Do Androids Dream”. I really believe this album was intended to be enjoyed as a unit.

Ilan Bluestone delivers and Soundprank takes us to the movies

I wrote an earlier blog post about how Soundprank is classically trained and describes himself as a “musical storyteller”. That is on full display in his new track called “Legion”. Take a listen starting at 2:15. It is amazing how powerful a few sparse and echoing piano notes can be. Let’s not forget those haunting female vocals. I really like this very specific sound (akin to wailing), and it has been put to good use in dramatic film soundtracks. The soundtracks to “Munich“, “Gladiator” and “Troy” come to mind. It elicits a primal and emotional response, and I think it works well in an EDM track. Sometimes the synths and bass can sound emotionally sterile and void of a human element. Soundprank brilliantly solved that problem in this track.

That Ilan Bluestone is so hot right now. He recently guest-mixed on ABGT, and his set featured some new material as well as a mind-blowing remix of “We’re All We Need”. Below are some of the highlights from ABGT and his new single, “43”.

1:35:50- This is an amazing remix of Big Ben (Ilan Bluestone) and Black Room Boy (Above & Beyond).

1:50:13- I didn’t think that “We’re All We Need” could get any better. I love its original simplicity, and I haven’t really liked many of the official remixes until now. I think some of Ilan’s best work is when he is remixing Above & Beyond. Take a listen to OceanLab’s (an Above & Beyond alias) “Satellite” remixed by Ilan to see what I am talking about.

Now to his newly released single, “43”. Why is the track called 43? It is because this track was debuted in Ilan’s ABGT100 set at the 43 minute mark. The opening is a bit long, so let’s skip to 1:00. There are no words for the glorious richness and fullness of this track, but I will settle with an unsatisfactory adjective. Massive. 2:15 is pretty incredible as well. By now, you know that I love the middle of tracks where the song is deconstructed and rebuilt layer by layer.

What else can I say? Ilan has yet another hit. His tracks are always solid (at a minimum), but “43” separates itself from recent releases such as “Snapdragon” and joins likes of “Sinai” and “Big Ben” as an Ilan classic.

Reminded of the sound that I love

Sometimes a track comes along that centers me and reminds me what quality dance music is. This new Eric Prydz track is precisely the reason that I fell in love with the genre. This brilliant progressive piece shrugs off modern cookie-cutter EDM molds in lieu of a more drawn out form that requires a bit of patience. This song is a slow burn that still has peaks and valleys to appreciate. Sounds and effects are slowly layered and folded into the mix, and they effortlessly dissipate as the track comes to a close.

Give this song a listen from start to finish. Good things come to those who wait…

Here is some more Eric Prydz (vs CHVRCHES) for those of you that like a more pop/dance feel.

Michael Woods and Madeon

Michael Woods is a house producer that is really growing on me. His tracks don’t pander to current fads too much and they are cohesive and really full-bodied. I really like how at 1:00 he clearly articulates the beat which elevates it to a more prominent position. 1:45 is also a high point. Check out my post on his other recent track “Tequila Nights“.

Here is another Michael Woods track. 1:09… oh my…

Check out this quirky little number from Woods. I really like the drops at 1:03 and 2:30.

Out of all the tracks on Madeon’s new album, this caught my ear immediately. I’d recommend giving the entire album a listen if you haven’t already. Not all of it is my cup of tea, but it is pretty diverse and you are sure to find something that you like. I sure did!

Royksopp Remixes

Get your Scandinavian fix!

If I ever go to Norway, this is the track I’ll be listening to I walk out of my hotel into some lightly falling snow. I’ll bundle up and explore as my boots crunch fresh snow. 1:33 is pretty fantastic.

Here is a version more suited for a club.

Take a listen to 5:12 in the below track. I’m a big fan of the power that comes from silence and deconstruction.

Kaskade’s new vocal track

In my opinion, Kaskade’s forte is producing vocal tracks. His collaboration with deadmau5 on “I Remember” is possibly the best modern vocal EDM track that I can think of. I’ve gushed about that song many times, so I will spare you the details. If you haven’t heard it or missed my original post on that track then go here.

Anyway, his new vocal track “Never Sleep Alone” is pretty decent. I really like the instrumentals, and I think it will lend itself well to amazing future remixes. At 1:14, you can definitely tell that he is trying to span the gap between his old style and new house/electro.