No not the state. It is no secret that I grew up in Indiana, and I have a strong love for that state and the Midwest in general. However, this post isn’t about the state. Rather, it is about an absolutely wonderful artist that goes by INDIANA. I have no idea why because the group is British. If anybody knows the origin of the name, I’d love to know,

Anyway, this electropop group sounds like a cross between “Halycon” era Ellie Goulding, Florence+The Machine if Florence had less vocal range and power, and London Grammar. Below is a sampling of original tracks and really good remixes.

Here is INDIANA’s upcoming original album. You can hear more of the Florence+The Machine undertones that I was talking about.

I clicked on the Indiana hashtag on Soundcloud to see what else is named after my home state. I discovered an electropop gem. This light and playful track is borderline whimsical. I absolutely love it.

A lot of good music here, but one question remains. Why would you name a song or group “Indiana”?


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