My Trip to Above & Beyond’s Show

I flew up to Tacoma for Above & Beyond’s final show of their North American tour. As usual, I was not disappointed, and their status as my favorite artist of all time has been solidified. It was a special treat as 16 Bit Lolitas, Myon & Shane 54, and even Mat Zo were there as warm-up acts. Above & Beyond, rewarding the fans on the last night of their tour, played a really long set and gave a generous encore. All told, the show was 7 hours, and I savored every second of it.

They have come a long way from when I first saw them about 3 years ago in a small bar in Bloomington, IN. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and adapt their style to larger venues. They still communicate with the crowd via messages on the main screen that they type out on the fly. I made sure to take a few videos and photos that I wanted to share with you all. It was an amazing night that I’ll never forget.

They opened with “We’re All We Need”, which has risen to be one of my favorite A&B tracks of all time. It rivals the likes of Sun & Moon and Alchemy. When I heard this come on I was overcome with joy. I’m a pretty serious guy, but even I got giddy and felt warm butterflies in my stomach as the purple aura surrounded me.

Next up are a few Andrew Bayer tracks.

Below are some photos I took throughout the night.

From the stands during Mat Zo’s set. It was quite a crowd.



During Above & Beyond. They released some confetti at the end in celebration of the tour’s conclusion.




Anjunabeats Update

It looks like Anjunabeats has nabbed a recent Fehrplay release. I am really excited to see the label embracing this type of sound. The sound that I am talking about is the electro/analog sounds of mau5trap records. In fact, Fehrplay started out releasing tracks on mau5trap records, and I did a write-up of the wonderful “Pyara” back in October.

Next up is a track from Genix. Its a solid track, but doesn’t really break the typical Genix mold. Doesn’t mean I don’t love it! Check out 4:00.

Bonus: Here is a sample from the “Anjunabeats in Miami” album. Its pretty representative of the sound that the label seeks to cultivate.


This label is really growing on me. First up is the crown jewel of my mau5trap selections. I love the vocals, and I’m feeling those classic deadmau5 vibes at 1:30 and onward. If you like this then head over to my Soundcloud for more tracks from this particular album.

Next up are two tracks from ATTLAS. This first one is brilliant. I usually hate jarring transitions, but 1:25 totally works. The track manages to completely change its personality. Oh wait! It just did it again at 2:15. Somehow it works within the context of the song, and the distinct segments are all excellent in their own right.

This next one is delicious. Enjoy!

Do Androids Dream

I posted the vocal track from this EP last week, but now the rest has been released on Soundcloud. These tracks are cinematic works of art that tell a story between Parts 1 and 2. They are certainly not meant for a drunken Vegas night. No, these are tracks that require your attention and are best enjoyed with a sober and sharp mind.

I have also included the live version from ABGT100 (First 10 minutes or so). Happy listening!

Lane 8- Spring Mix

Lane 8 puts out a mix every season. I am currently listening to the spring edition, and this one is on another level so far. I thought I’d share it with you. Check out ~19:30. It reminds me of a warm spring Saturday morning.


No not the state. It is no secret that I grew up in Indiana, and I have a strong love for that state and the Midwest in general. However, this post isn’t about the state. Rather, it is about an absolutely wonderful artist that goes by INDIANA. I have no idea why because the group is British. If anybody knows the origin of the name, I’d love to know,

Anyway, this electropop group sounds like a cross between “Halycon” era Ellie Goulding, Florence+The Machine if Florence had less vocal range and power, and London Grammar. Below is a sampling of original tracks and really good remixes.

Here is INDIANA’s upcoming original album. You can hear more of the Florence+The Machine undertones that I was talking about.

I clicked on the Indiana hashtag on Soundcloud to see what else is named after my home state. I discovered an electropop gem. This light and playful track is borderline whimsical. I absolutely love it.

A lot of good music here, but one question remains. Why would you name a song or group “Indiana”?

A Little Something for Everyone

Here is another trio of tracks. Its a pretty diverse set, and I think you will find something to like in this post regardless of you EDM preferences.

First up is “Hurricane” by Halsey, and it is remixed here by Arty. This is a solid remix and just what you would expect from Arty. It is crisp, clean, and he finds a way to perfectly compliment and augment the original vocals.

This next track is my favorite from this post, and honestly, I think its one of my favorites over the past few weeks. Mau5trap records continues to nurture and release boundary pushing music. Although it lasts about a second each time, there is a really interesting sound/effect that I like. 2:50 is the best example. If any readers know what that sound is called (if it even has a name), please let me know. Its comes back a few more times but never long enough! I’d like to hear it implemented more.

Ahh, and then there is this summer sounding progressive track from Stan Arwell.