Bayer 2.0 and Bluestone 2.0

Now that I’ve gotten my fill of quirky saxophone EDM, lets switch gears. Here are two new Anjunabeats releases, and they hit the spot.

First is a new track by Jason Ross. Later in this post I compare the new release from Fatum to Andrew Bayer productions. If Fatum is Bayer 2.0 then Ross is Bluestone 2.0. Anyway, his new track “Cairo” is amazing. I’d break it down for you, but I love every second so there is really no point. Just give the whole thing a thorough listen.

The second is a track with a slightly industrial and grungy sound that is reminiscent of Andrew Bayer productions. I have included “The District” and “Bullet Catch” below for comparison. In fact, it shares musical characteristics with some new A&B tracks such as “All Over the World”, which makes sense since Bayer contributed his talents to much of their new album.

0:45- That big in you face “WHOOOMP” sets the tone.

1:15- This is what I was talking about earlier when I referenced an “Andrew Bayer” sound that is a bit industrial sounding. I imagine this would be the soundtrack to a robot factory in the future. Where robots make more robots.

3:00- What a wonderful breakdown.

4:21- This stretch integrates the previous theme from 3:00 but imbues it with a bit more energy courtesy of a driving bass line.

Andrew Bayer comparisons.

Above & Beyond Comparison


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