House for your Friday afternoon

Time for some house! Let these energetic tracks carry you through the final stretch of the week. This first one is a track that smothers you after the drop. It is made for the big room or a festival environment, and it is designed to be larger than life. At 1:15, this song opens up like a Pandora’s box of energy and bass, and you wonder where it came from and if it can ever be put back. I recommend listening to it on a good pair of speakers.

Soundcloud has the next track tagged as “deep house”, but I think that is a bit of a stretch. Despite my issues with that classification, I really love this house track. It is an interesting mix of heavy bass intermingled with airy vocals.


Trance Throwback

It has been awhile since I’ve heard some slightly retro sounding trance. Maybe describing this as having a classic trance sound would be more appropriate. I think that retro implies that tracks like this are no longer produced or in style, and that just isn’t true at all. I think that the classic sound has been tweaked and evolved to sound fresh and current. I think this track does that particularly well.

After all this time, I think trance remains my favorite genre. Occasionally, a deep track will exceed any trance track, but this is an exceedingly rare occurrence and more reflective of my personal experience with that song rather than the genre as a whole.

Here is a throwback for comparison. Getting up there in age now, this is an OceanLab track that I really love. Compare the two and take note of the stylistic similarities.

Eli and Fur

Eli and Fur are like the HAIM of the EDM world. Their downtempo chilled out style parallels their more mainstream musical cousins. The breathy vocals in their tracks also bring to mind HAIM’s characteristic sound. These tracks will provide you with some excellent night driving music, so put them on and let the city lights rush by.

A Trio of Tracks for You

This is a strong trio of tracks. Lets start with a progressive track from Michael Woods. The mesmerizing video alone is worth a listen.

Next up are two vocal heavy remix tracks. First is quite possibly my favorite London Grammar remix yet.

Its hard to follow the track above, but this one can hold its own and not sound dull after the brilliance that preceded it.


Bayer 2.0 and Bluestone 2.0

Now that I’ve gotten my fill of quirky saxophone EDM, lets switch gears. Here are two new Anjunabeats releases, and they hit the spot.

First is a new track by Jason Ross. Later in this post I compare the new release from Fatum to Andrew Bayer productions. If Fatum is Bayer 2.0 then Ross is Bluestone 2.0. Anyway, his new track “Cairo” is amazing. I’d break it down for you, but I love every second so there is really no point. Just give the whole thing a thorough listen.

The second is a track with a slightly industrial and grungy sound that is reminiscent of Andrew Bayer productions. I have included “The District” and “Bullet Catch” below for comparison. In fact, it shares musical characteristics with some new A&B tracks such as “All Over the World”, which makes sense since Bayer contributed his talents to much of their new album.

0:45- That big in you face “WHOOOMP” sets the tone.

1:15- This is what I was talking about earlier when I referenced an “Andrew Bayer” sound that is a bit industrial sounding. I imagine this would be the soundtrack to a robot factory in the future. Where robots make more robots.

3:00- What a wonderful breakdown.

4:21- This stretch integrates the previous theme from 3:00 but imbues it with a bit more energy courtesy of a driving bass line.

Andrew Bayer comparisons.

Above & Beyond Comparison

Is that a saxophone I hear? Oh yes…

Saxophone and EDM?! Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible either. Take a listen to these genre bending tracks and tell me whether you like it (vote in the poll below). In my experience, the saxophone is a tricky instrument. You either love it or hate it and integrating it outside of a jazz track is a tough thing to do well.

A Summer Sounding Sampler: Deep, Electro, and House

Here are some tracks to warm you up and fend off the winter blues. I’ve picked three tracks that I feel embody a summer sound, and they are from the subgenres of deep, house, and electro. Close your eyes, feel the warmth and imagine what you will be doing in a few short months.

Up first is the deep track selection. This is probably my favorite of the three. It is from the Spinnin’ label, and their brand of deep is a little more house flavored and vocal heavy than what I usually post from Anjunadeep. Sometimes, it is a nice change of pace from more traditional deep tracks.

Check out 2:30. Tell me that doesn’t feel like a golden summer day.

These next two tracks were on heavy rotation on Group Therapy, and they remain solid favorites of mine. Enjoy.