Two New Anjunabeats Releases

You DO NOT want to miss this new release from Anjunabeats. First and foremost, we have a new member to the label, Same K. This track perfectly embodies the trance/progressive sound of the label.

Next up is a new one from Ilan Bluestone. Mr. Consistent has delivered again, and he has really carved out a sonic niche and claimed it as his own. However, I have been reading a bit of criticism targeted at Bluestone lately. It is true that he has really developed his own sound and style, but many think he is becoming a bit redundant and not venturing out from the musical comfort zone that he has developed since “Sinai”. Well, if you think that, I have good news. Ilan often posts teasers to his Facebook of what he is working on (#anthemtest if you want to find them) and he seems to be probing different sounds and effects. For now, this is a solid track, but I am definitely looking forward to Ilan mixing it up a bit in the future.


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