I recently stumbled upon a label called Plasmapool, and I have been really impressed with the tracks that they release. You should follow them on Soundcloud. They release really consistent electrohouse and progressive, and below I have included a track that I think epitomizes the sound that the label seems to be trying to cultivate.

This is called “In Orbit” by Froxic. Check 0:32, 1:08, and 3:09.

0:32 is where the track starts to express its unique personality. This peppy video game sounding stretch transitions to a wonderful piano and strings stretch at 1:08. After a lengthy build up, which is a joy, the track’s primary personality comes back with vigor at 3:09. 3:41 is a surprising and enjoyable twist as well.

In summary, this song manages to do a lot of things musically without turning into a jarring or disorganized collection of sounds. I am continually surprised by how cohesive this track sounds with so many diverse segments.


More tracks from Froxic.

Like Glitch Hop? Even I can’t resist this beat.

Prefer more ambient Electronica? Froxic and Plasmapool have you covered.


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