Epic Trance and Silky Smooth Progressive

I mentioned in a recent post that some people think Ilan Bluestone is getting repetitive. His most recent release, “Lighthouse” mixes things up just enough with the “intro mix”. I love a dramatic build up with string, synths, and vocals, and this intro mix delivers. It has a cinematic quality that almost seems appropriate for a dramatic sci-fi film along the lines of Interstellar. Of course, that all changes when the bass drops. I have included the club mix of this one as well.

Finally, two new tracks from my second favorite label, Macarize. These two come from Sam Davies, and they are silky smooth progressive tracks with lovely vocals.

Check out 1:10. Pure bliss.


Deep for the Depths of Winter

For those of you currently enduring the coldest and darkest days of winter, let me help. Here are some deep tracks that are perfect for your dark, cold, snowy commute. Let your car get warm and toasty before you leave and play these tracks as the frigid and dark landscape speeds by.

Two New Anjunabeats Releases

You DO NOT want to miss this new release from Anjunabeats. First and foremost, we have a new member to the label, Same K. This track perfectly embodies the trance/progressive sound of the label.

Next up is a new one from Ilan Bluestone. Mr. Consistent has delivered again, and he has really carved out a sonic niche and claimed it as his own. However, I have been reading a bit of criticism targeted at Bluestone lately. It is true that he has really developed his own sound and style, but many think he is becoming a bit redundant and not venturing out from the musical comfort zone that he has developed since “Sinai”. Well, if you think that, I have good news. Ilan often posts teasers to his Facebook of what he is working on (#anthemtest if you want to find them) and he seems to be probing different sounds and effects. For now, this is a solid track, but I am definitely looking forward to Ilan mixing it up a bit in the future.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: “Song of Storms” Bootleg

Everyone knows that Ocarina of Time was pretty much the best video game in the history of video games. Emblazoned in the memories of all who played it are the songs that you could play on the ocarina such as Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Song of Storms, Nocturne of Shadow, etc. The melodies were so catchy. Check out this sophisticated and deep bootleg of the fan favorite “Song of Storms”.


This is the second post today about labels that I think you all should follow. I think by now you know that I am an Anjunabeats fanboy, but based on what I am hearing, Macarize might be my second favorite label.

You may remember that I posted a track from Stan Arwell called “Outburst”. At the time, I didn’t recognize the record label symbol on the cover, and I didn’t dig into what label the single was released on. I should have! The most recent Group Therapy podcast debuted another Stan Arwell track, which made me probe a bit further into the artist and what label he is on. I found so many excellent tracks! They also do a monthly compilation podcast in the style of Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy, which you should subscribe to on iTunes. Below is Stan Arwell’s new single, another representative track from the label, and one of the label’s podcast episodes.

I Feel It. Do You?

This is only a snippet of an upcoming track from Suspect 44, but even its truncated form is good enough that I couldn’t resist sharing. Write this one down and remember it. You’ll want to get the full version when it is released.