When Jason Ross and Anjunabeats released “Elements”, I knew that the label had a rising star. I was excited to hear his next single, and “Atlas” didn’t disappoint. Paired up with Wrechiski, Jason Ross delivers a soaring track with the type of ambient vocals that I am really interested in right now. I think some of that interest stems from my love for movie soundtracks. James Horner wrote a song called “3200 Years Ago” for the movie Troy. I really love it and the vocals throughout,  especially at 1:80. For you Star Wars fans, you might recognize this famous track with primal chanting like vocals.

Anyway, enjoy this track. Skip to 1:00 if you get impatient with the intro. In my opinion, that’s one major problem with EDM tracks. The intros are never going to be found in a live set, and they are often just filler. I honestly don’t know why they don’t just cut to the chase. This song is a great example. Had the track started at 1:00 it would have been perfectly fine, but that topic is a conversation for another post.

Here is a fun quiz. See images below:

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3



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