NYE House Playlist

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I usually post progressive trance on this blog. However, when you want to take the party to another level there is nothing better than a hard hitting house track. Not all of these tracks are brand new, but I’ve compiled a NYE house sampler so your NYE party can get wild.

Virus- Martin Garrix

Karate- R3HAB & KSHMR

In Your Arms- Michael Woods (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Smash!- Ummet Ozcan

When We Were Young- Dillon Francis + Sultan & Ned Shepard

Pyramids-DVBBS & Dropgun

Beast- Thomas Gold

Up All Night- Arty

Somehow- Dash Berlin & 3lau

Ready for the Weekend- R3HAB & NERVO

Serotonin- Audien



Chill Vibes from Porter Robinson

I’ll admit that Porter Robinson is an artist that I haven’t been keeping tabs on, and that is an error on my part. I absolutely loved his track “Language” in college. Follow the link for your listening pleasure.

Anyway, I am currently in the process of righting my wrong by discovering his new album. I recommend you give it a try as well. I’m going to steal the iTunes analysis because I couldn’t agree more. iTunes wrote that this album gives “nods” to Washed Out and M83, but I think its more than that. Its like Robinson spliced those groups’ DNA into his own to produce this sound.

I wanted to share one of my favorite tracks from the album so far. It is called “Divinity”. The original version of this track is a slice of chilled out electro euphoria. It makes me feel like I’m in a beautiful computer world.

Now, here is a great remix. I actually like this one better because some of the glitchy sounding parts of the original have been toned down or edited out. I prefer that. The original is a good song in its own right, but this remix elevates it to great. This is the version I will be buying. Thank goodness for remixes. As I’ve written before, the flexibility of EDM is one of its strengths.





When Jason Ross and Anjunabeats released “Elements”, I knew that the label had a rising star. I was excited to hear his next single, and “Atlas” didn’t disappoint. Paired up with Wrechiski, Jason Ross delivers a soaring track with the type of ambient vocals that I am really interested in right now. I think some of that interest stems from my love for movie soundtracks. James Horner wrote a song called “3200 Years Ago” for the movie Troy. I really love it and the vocals throughout,  especially at 1:80. For you Star Wars fans, you might recognize this famous track with primal chanting like vocals.

Anyway, enjoy this track. Skip to 1:00 if you get impatient with the intro. In my opinion, that’s one major problem with EDM tracks. The intros are never going to be found in a live set, and they are often just filler. I honestly don’t know why they don’t just cut to the chase. This song is a great example. Had the track started at 1:00 it would have been perfectly fine, but that topic is a conversation for another post.

Here is a fun quiz. See images below:

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Mariana Trench

Here is some music with a dash of science for you. I stumbled across an article talking about a new deep sea fish that was discovered in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on the planet. It shattered the previous record for an extreme deep sea dweller, and it was even captured on tape. Check it out here with Above & Beyond’s appropriately titled track, “Mariana Trench”.



Welcome to EDM, HAIM. I am not a fan of some of the vocalists on the Calvin Harris “Motion” album (Big Sean, Gwen Stefani, Tinashe), but I think that Calvin Harris struck gold with the inclusion of HAIM. I like how there is a fair amount of cross-talk between their respective musical styles, and Calvin Harris seems to have given HAIM a fair amount of freedom in this song. Its nice when the vocalist’s part doesn’t get compartmentalized away from the dance segments, especially the drop.  Overall, I was really surprised that the retro HAIM vibe melds so well with the big room house of Calvin Harris.

What do you think?


Classic Armin van Buuren Vocal Tracks

My recent post about Above & Beyond’s upcoming album got me talking about their collaboration with Justine Suissa. She had previously worked with Armin van Buuren on a massive track called “Burned with Desire” that I included in that post. Listen here.

That prompted me to go back through my old Armin material, and I was reminded of some gems. As much as I love A&B, I have to admit that Armin has probably stayed the closest to his trance roots. He is the artist associated with the genre. If you love vocal trance then feast your ears (I think I just made that saying up) on these tracks feating Ana Criado and Sharon den Adel. The first has a really special place in my memory as it was on the first trance album that I ever bought. Maybe you can see why I fell in love with the genre.

EDIT: Oh yes. How could I forget this one. Mark this in the category of “I have no idea what she is saying, but I love it” category.