Songs for the study grind and a Thanksgiving present

Here are some solid tracks by Spencer Brown. They are all pretty similar, but they all sound good so I can’t complain. I like the techy and light sound, and I think this is the perfect type of music for studying. I like to load up these 4 tracks, so that they will play in succession. They get your attention, but not so much that they will distract you from studying. There are some songs that I really love (e.g. Elements by Jason Ross) that I just can’t study to. They demand my attention, and they usually win. These tracks by Spencer Brown pulse in the background and can modulate your productivity and mood without you consciously paying attention to them.

“Jaboom” has been getting the most praise and air-time, and for good reason. I suggest you direct your listening efforts there to start with.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving. Here is a great song that has been made available as a free download.


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