Rediscovering Tracks on Thanksgiving Break

I unearthed some gems from the depths of the Trance Around the World (TATW*) podcast archive. I am back home for Thanksgiving, and without a car, so I borrowed my parents car to go get some coffee. I discovered that there were some old burned CDs of TATW episodes still in rotation. A lucky find, really. I came across some old favorites and some songs that I must have overlooked back when the old TATWs were coming out. Honestly, I should go back and give them a listen. I had my nose to the books in in my first few years of college, and I don’t think that I paid much attention to anything but school. I am thinking that I missed out on some excellent music. Below is an old favorite and a new favorite that I selected from an old TATW.

This is one of A&B’s most famous tracks, and this remix is one of my favorites. It was funny to hear Paavo introduce it as “a remix of our new single”.

Below is a banging track by Paul van Dyk. Which made me remember that the first trance radio show that I ever listened to was PvD’s Vonyc Sessions which was on Sirius radio.

*For those of you that don’t know, TATW was Above and Beyond’s weekly radio show before they rebranded their show as Group Therapy. This roughly coincided with the release of the album called Group Therapy. One of my favorite albums (perhaps the favorite) of all time. If you haven’t listened to it, read my write-up here, and listen to it in its entirety here.


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