Live EDM at its best

This is quite an audiovisual spectacle. As you have recently read, I love Sunny Lax and the trance/progressive vibe that his work embodies. I compared his sound and vibe to musical serotonin, but whats even better is when its coupled with a spectacular light show. Let me guide you through it.

The video starts in a bit of a transition segment during the live set, but at 0:30 the new Sunny Lax track “Daenerys” kicks in. As this was the debut for the track, A&B lets the crowd in on who produced it at 0:45. You can hear the cheers, because the crowd knows they are in for a treat. A quick side note… I love how A&B constantly silently communicates with their audience via text on the main screen. Its very intimate and modern. It reminds me a quick text from a friend.

1:00 is where things start to get serious. Those chopped up vocals and the big screen filled with penetrating eyes is quite a combination. I also think the lighting color that they picked was spot on. Blue isn’t too passionate like red. I think that white-blue is a mysterious color, and it works well with the imagery of eyes. The eyes that seem to know something that we don’t.

1:29 is just brilliant. The track opens up to an amazing and almost ambient stretch. The flash of green light gives way to a video of a woman smiling and laughing. The video looks a bit retro, and the woman looks like someone you might know. The sounds, lights, and images all combine to make this stretch feel like a dream or more likely a distant memory.

Follow this through the buildup to the drop. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed…


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