Slipping through time…

Im going to bet this track will blow your mind. Its quite a journey, so I hope you have the patience to stick with it. If you like deep, dark, underground sounding tracks interspersed with female vocals in a language that you don’t speak (maybe you do… ) then this track is you for.

The first minute is pretty basic, but after that the tracks really opens up and surrounds you in its world. This is the type of track where 45 seconds pass and you feel like its only been about 5. In the middle a woman starts speaking. Not quite singing, she leads us into one of the most chill segments of any track I have heard this year (3:10). At 3:49 she almost seems to narrate as we move effortlessly through time.

If this track came on at a club at 1am, I feel like I would lose my sense of time, and if it never stopped I probably wouldn’t realize it until the establishment closed down and I walked out into the morning sunlight.

I feel just as strongly about this track called “The End”. For the sake of brevity I won’t enumerate the themes and motifs in this song that you all know that I will love. However, I have to draw your attention to 1:30. I hope you enjoy it.


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