More Surprises from the Anjunabeats War Chest.

Its been awhile since I’ve posted track with a hard driving baseline and techy sounding vibe, so brace yourself for this track. If you’ve been disappointed by my recent deep interests then this should be perfect for you.  Above & Beyond has been holding out it seems. At ABGT 100 they debut a bunch of new tracks from the Anjunabeats war chest. Of course, we didn’t know the names of the mystery tracks when they were dropped at the Garden, but they have been slowly revealing and releasing them one by one. I’ve already posted about “Elements” by Jason Ross, and I am pleased to say that the newly ID’ed track “Forth” by Nick Sember is just as awesome. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see these fresh names on the label. Its like signing a great recruiting class in college basketball. Lets just say I’m excited for the season…

The crisp base line drops at 1:00 and bleeds into a piano breakdown at about 2:00. A great build up takes us back to the same motif from the beginning. Enjoy!


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