Musical Serotonin

Jason Ross is the newest member on the Anjunabeats label, and his debut single is wonderful. I really like the sound he has cultivated here, and I would say that it epitomizes my current musical preferences. This Jason Ross production reminds me quite a bit of a production by Sunny Lax that I shared in the first post of this blog. I have included it below for easier comparison. Soaring synths and a female vocalist singing without lyrics is the musical path to my heart right now, and both Sunny Lax and Jason Ross pull this off in the following tracks. Their style is like musical serotonin, and these tracks inject right into my brain.

Th first minute of this song passes effortless and then drops away to expose and highlight the ambient vocals in this track. Then, Jason works the track up to a surprisingly confident beat that manages to feel light and not overly aggressive. After this stretch, there is a melodic piano and vocal bit starting at 3:03 that I could listen to all day. In my opinion, this is precisely the type of sound that transcends language and taps into something much deeper. She isn’t using words, but I somehow seem to know what she is saying. I can’t articulate it, but I can feel it. I imagine that what these vocals say to you might be slightly different, but thats the beauty of it. After a bit of thought, I think that this track is very appropriately named. In “Elements” Jason Ross manages to communicate through some of the most basic and primal elements of human communication and shows us that words are not necessary to convey emotions and thoughts.

And here is Sunny Lax. I definitely hear similarities between the two artists. 2:49 is the musical money shot of this track.

EDIT: Looks like the Sunny Lax remix takes this track to another level.


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