Mat Zo, where did you go?

What is this?! Mat Zo has been altering his musical personality, and I was fine with it up to a point. His recent funk infused tracks were alright, and I respect him wanting to explore new sounds. However, this song is really really disappointing.

First of all. Snare? Really? I thought the combination of the militaristic sounding snare and the vocalist that he picked was jarring and didn’t work well together. Then he hits us with some dubstep sounding whomps at 0:55 which leads into 1:17. I like the fullness of the base, but overall its a cacophonous mess. Just wait. At 1:44 he mixes in some middle-eastern flavored sounds, which don’t gel with this dub/trap fusion. That was the straw that broke this camel’s back regarding this song.

I don’t know what else to say here. I think what would be most effective would be to include his last studio album so you can hear the contrast for yourself. Check it out below. Zo has always has a funky flavor, as evidenced in “Only for You” and “Pyramid Scheme”, but he has gone to far for my tastes. I prefer his tracks like “Superman Lost” and “The Sky”.

I definitely recommend buying this album and Mat Zo tracks of old, but I don’t support his most recent track and certainly not his future ones if he keeps up this trajectory.


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