Deep Roundup

This morning it was chilly, raining, and overcast. Based on my experience so far, I won’t get to enjoy many of these mornings in SoCal. It put me in a wonderful fall mood… just the right mood for some tasty deep tracks.

I love the opening stretch of the song below. It is perfect for a dreary morning commute. The type where there is drizzle on the windshield and the air and sky looks cold.  Thats fine though because you have on your jacket, the heat is turned up, and you are insulated from the world outside.

This next track is by Eli & Fur. They are like the Nervo twins of the deep scene… except that they are just friends and not twins. I especially enjoy 1:43. This is a mellow track but something about its jaunty little beat gives it some attitude and spunk.


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