Songs for the study grind and a Thanksgiving present

Here are some solid tracks by Spencer Brown. They are all pretty similar, but they all sound good so I can’t complain. I like the techy and light sound, and I think this is the perfect type of music for studying. I like to load up these 4 tracks, so that they will play in succession. They get your attention, but not so much that they will distract you from studying. There are some songs that I really love (e.g. Elements by Jason Ross) that I just can’t study to. They demand my attention, and they usually win. These tracks by Spencer Brown pulse in the background and can modulate your productivity and mood without you consciously paying attention to them.

“Jaboom” has been getting the most praise and air-time, and for good reason. I suggest you direct your listening efforts there to start with.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving. Here is a great song that has been made available as a free download.


Rediscovering Tracks on Thanksgiving Break

I unearthed some gems from the depths of the Trance Around the World (TATW*) podcast archive. I am back home for Thanksgiving, and without a car, so I borrowed my parents car to go get some coffee. I discovered that there were some old burned CDs of TATW episodes still in rotation. A lucky find, really. I came across some old favorites and some songs that I must have overlooked back when the old TATWs were coming out. Honestly, I should go back and give them a listen. I had my nose to the books in in my first few years of college, and I don’t think that I paid much attention to anything but school. I am thinking that I missed out on some excellent music. Below is an old favorite and a new favorite that I selected from an old TATW.

This is one of A&B’s most famous tracks, and this remix is one of my favorites. It was funny to hear Paavo introduce it as “a remix of our new single”.

Below is a banging track by Paul van Dyk. Which made me remember that the first trance radio show that I ever listened to was PvD’s Vonyc Sessions which was on Sirius radio.

*For those of you that don’t know, TATW was Above and Beyond’s weekly radio show before they rebranded their show as Group Therapy. This roughly coincided with the release of the album called Group Therapy. One of my favorite albums (perhaps the favorite) of all time. If you haven’t listened to it, read my write-up here, and listen to it in its entirety here.

Live EDM at its best

This is quite an audiovisual spectacle. As you have recently read, I love Sunny Lax and the trance/progressive vibe that his work embodies. I compared his sound and vibe to musical serotonin, but whats even better is when its coupled with a spectacular light show. Let me guide you through it.

The video starts in a bit of a transition segment during the live set, but at 0:30 the new Sunny Lax track “Daenerys” kicks in. As this was the debut for the track, A&B lets the crowd in on who produced it at 0:45. You can hear the cheers, because the crowd knows they are in for a treat. A quick side note… I love how A&B constantly silently communicates with their audience via text on the main screen. Its very intimate and modern. It reminds me a quick text from a friend.

1:00 is where things start to get serious. Those chopped up vocals and the big screen filled with penetrating eyes is quite a combination. I also think the lighting color that they picked was spot on. Blue isn’t too passionate like red. I think that white-blue is a mysterious color, and it works well with the imagery of eyes. The eyes that seem to know something that we don’t.

1:29 is just brilliant. The track opens up to an amazing and almost ambient stretch. The flash of green light gives way to a video of a woman smiling and laughing. The video looks a bit retro, and the woman looks like someone you might know. The sounds, lights, and images all combine to make this stretch feel like a dream or more likely a distant memory.

Follow this through the buildup to the drop. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed…

Slipping through time…

Im going to bet this track will blow your mind. Its quite a journey, so I hope you have the patience to stick with it. If you like deep, dark, underground sounding tracks interspersed with female vocals in a language that you don’t speak (maybe you do… ) then this track is you for.

The first minute is pretty basic, but after that the tracks really opens up and surrounds you in its world. This is the type of track where 45 seconds pass and you feel like its only been about 5. In the middle a woman starts speaking. Not quite singing, she leads us into one of the most chill segments of any track I have heard this year (3:10). At 3:49 she almost seems to narrate as we move effortlessly through time.

If this track came on at a club at 1am, I feel like I would lose my sense of time, and if it never stopped I probably wouldn’t realize it until the establishment closed down and I walked out into the morning sunlight.

I feel just as strongly about this track called “The End”. For the sake of brevity I won’t enumerate the themes and motifs in this song that you all know that I will love. However, I have to draw your attention to 1:30. I hope you enjoy it.

The many sounds of Jerome Isma-Ae

This first track certainly has a unique vibe. The guitar at the start sounds like it could be in a chilled out intro to an Eagles song. In my opinion, its just strange enough to work.

Jerome Isma-Ae is a pretty versatile artist. Compare the previous track, with its beach and summer vibe, with the classic vocal trance below. Also, check out “Tension” to really appreciate the full spectrum of Isma-Ae’s work.

More Surprises from the Anjunabeats War Chest.

Its been awhile since I’ve posted track with a hard driving baseline and techy sounding vibe, so brace yourself for this track. If you’ve been disappointed by my recent deep interests then this should be perfect for you.  Above & Beyond has been holding out it seems. At ABGT 100 they debut a bunch of new tracks from the Anjunabeats war chest. Of course, we didn’t know the names of the mystery tracks when they were dropped at the Garden, but they have been slowly revealing and releasing them one by one. I’ve already posted about “Elements” by Jason Ross, and I am pleased to say that the newly ID’ed track “Forth” by Nick Sember is just as awesome. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see these fresh names on the label. Its like signing a great recruiting class in college basketball. Lets just say I’m excited for the season…

The crisp base line drops at 1:00 and bleeds into a piano breakdown at about 2:00. A great build up takes us back to the same motif from the beginning. Enjoy!

Vintage Vocal Bayer

Andrew Bayer is on fire right now. I recently watched and listened to his set from ABGT 100 at Madison Square Garden, and I was reminded of his older work. Perhaps my favorite old track from Bayer is “Keep Your Secrets”. This track ranks up there with Above & Beyond’s “Alchemy” when it comes to imbuing lyrics with emotions. Check out 1:04 for vocals that will pull at your heart strings and 2:19 for the drop.

During a recent interview, Bayer indicated that he is working on some more vocal productions, and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to more productions of this type.

Below is a bonus old vocal track from Bayer.