Super 8 & Tab’s new album “Unified”

Super 8 & Tab finally has a new album. This Finnish duo produces some of the best trance and progressive out there, but they mix things up a little bit in their new album. Lets start out with an example of a track deviating from their traditional trance sound. Below is the wonderfully downtempo and electronic sounding “Say U Luv”.

I have already posted one early release from their album called “No Frontiers”, and the following song is a very similar sounding track. Its a traditional sounding vocal track that I absolutely love.

Finally, “Code Red” is a techy sounding collaboration with Jaytech. This track has been out for months and has been making its rounds in DJ sets, but I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. 2:32 makes me want to take a drive with my windows down on a sunny Saturday.

If you like the cumulative sound of these 3 representative tracks then I suggest that you take a look at the entire album. Especially “Rubicon” and “Sonata”, which have not been released as singles, so I can’t share them with you very easily.



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