Aurora and Atlantis

Ilan Bluestone often takes videos of his production sessions and posts snippets on Facebook for people to see and hear. He has been teasing his fans with parts of these two tracks for awhile now, and they have finally been released.


2:30 and 4:40 are just great! I love female vocals, and I especially like vocals when they aren’t singing lyrics. Lyrics can restrict a song’s meaning and your experience with it, and when lyrics are bad then the song is unsalvageable. What I love about the style here is that you are free to take that primal and raw singing/wailing and allow your thoughts and emotions to define its tone. From sadness to elation and everything in-between. These two stretches alternate and work nicely with extremely energetic stretches at 3:45 and 5:15.


I love the breakdown in this around 2:20. The track starts off pretty mildly so the drop off in intensity isn’t too jarring. The build up certainly gets tense, and Ilan faked me out pretty hard at 3:39. I thought for sure the drop was coming. Don’t worry though because you won’t have to wait long. After a few seconds this track drops and you realize its full potential. Honestly, the start of this track is underwhelming, but this beat is worth waiting for. Its so crisp and I love how the synth comes in to perfectly fill in the gaps and smooth things out resulting in a full-bodied sound. Sprinkle in some hints of piano and you find yourself with another Bluestone classic.

Which do you like? I’ll keep my favorite a secret…


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