Slow Acid: Quality Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has a new single called “Slow Acid”. It is a darkly aggressive underground sounding experience that is very well portrayed in the music video. If this track doesn’t get your head swaying then I don’t know what will. This track mentally abducts you at 1:45. Combine it with the strange and surreal video and you will be completely in a trance.

This is quality Calvin Harris reminiscent of old tunes like “Flashback”. I know I have bashed Calvin Harris as of late, but with the tracks he was putting out I think it was valid criticism. Now, if he continues to produces tracks sounding like this then you will hear me singing quite a different tune about him. Lets hope he does.

Unfortunately, this track is by far his most down voted of recent videos on YouTube. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather feel the beat of this song at 3am in Vegas than the vocals of John Newman in “Blame”. This song is meant for the early morning stretches in the club.


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