We’re All We Need

Shortly before their sold-out appearance at Madison Square Garden, Above & Beyond announced that their newest studio album “We Are All We Need” will be released on January 20th. Time can’t pass quickly enough! To ease the painful wait, the group release an absolutely amazing track featuring the vocals of Zoe Johnston. She was featured heavily on the Group Therapy album, and I am thrilled to see her return. This track has been getting me through a rough patch of studying for exams, and I thought I’d share it with you all.

I am absolutely blown away by this track, and I’m not just blinded by my love for A&B. Zoe’s voice is like crystal clear water (see 0:29) and its a fact that she is on another level when it comes to imbuing her vocals with emotion (see “Alchemy”). Some have said that this song lacks kick and spunk, but I think thats the point. A&B is composed of musicians, and they create music with staying power and meaning. This is beautiful meditation on taking solace in the comfort of others and the permanence of true friendship or love. A permanence to which no material possession can compare.

2:16 is my favorite part of the song, and oddly enough its a build-up. Zoe’s voice combines with soaring synth and delicate piano notes of this build-up. However, this stretch doesn’t seem to function in the traditional way. Many songs build tension for the sole purpose of creating enjoyment from the subsequent contrast and relief, but this build-up is a flawless and purposeful part of the song that augments with and morphs into the “drop” rather than simply providing contrast.

Below is the track and the official music video and the live debut at Madison Square Garden.



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