Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams. I can definitely see the inspiration for this track title. From the very beginning, this track tacks you through a dreamscape in which nothing is concrete. Amorphous thoughts and images seem to swirl around and they haven’t yet coalesced into something tangible yet. At 1:14 the dream takes on more clarity, but the purpose is lacking. Not unlike a real dream where things are vivid but the path and progress of the dream lacks a unifying purpose. Your thoughts are simply drifting.

Bonus Track:

I thought it was fitting to post this track because no album captures a dreamscape as well as “Dreamland” from Robert Miles. Robert Miles was one of the early pioneers of the electro sound, and my house was filled with his music growing up. My parents were ahead of the curve with their musical tastes, and I would have to say that this track is the original source of my love for EDM. Sure, I had other tracks that rekindled by interest in high school or started me down a more niche path into the world of EDM, but this has to be the earliest introduction to the genre as a whole. Does it sound dated? Yes, but its a timeless song. Its also cool to see how EDM has evolved from some of its earliest forms.


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