You know I love Lana and London Grammar…

Its time for some remixes. Lets start with London Grammar because I think these two remixes are better than the Lana one. Well, maybe just more my style, so I’m not saying that the “Ultraviolence” remix is bad. Its not. These first two are just on another level entirely.

Up first is a remix of “Strong” by Judah (Its free! Download it below). “Strong” is one of my favorite London Grammar tracks, and it finds itself in the good care of Judah. 0:40 is otherworldly. A great minimalistic beat is slowly fused with the ethereal voice of London Grammar. At 2:05 the vocals take a more prominent role and the beat rises to the challenge as well. Perfect remixing. This is a track that’ll ensnare you, so be careful. I find myself zoned out to tracks like these. They cause me to lose my sense of time, and when its over I find that I have been gazing into the distance for a few minutes. Bad for studying… good for the soul.

This next remix isn’t quite as good, but its still solid and I suggest listening to it. If you are short on time, skip ahead to 2:40.

Finally, we have a Lana remix and probably my favorite from her new album so far. Mindblown: 0:53.  Its a busy remix (the opposite of the previous two), but I definitely think it works. I’ll let you decide for yourself…


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