deadmau5: Highlights from while(1<2)

I love deadmau5. First of all he is a cool dude. He loves cats and he gives the fair citizens of Toronto Uber rides in his McLaren. Oh, his music is also brilliant. I plan to write a full blog post on deadmau5 and all his musical contradictions, but for now lets talk about the highlights from his newest album.

Phantoms Can’t Hang

This song starts out in a pretty average way. A bouncy and peppy treble beat takes us through the buildup, but don’t be fooled because this track is going to hit you with some serious bass at 1:15.

3:16 is where the beauty is. The beat disintegrates and gives way to a crystal clear and soaring female vocalist. This wonderful aria is given center stage and deadmau5 expertly layers in the former themes of the track.


With hints of the classic trance tracks “Brazil”, “Strobe”, and “Faxing Berlin”, this track has risen to be one of my favorite deadmau5 tracks of all time. Check out 1:50. deadmau5 infuses this track with a very lonely sounding effect here like nobody else can. It starts out echoing, reverberating, and far in the distance. It grows in volume, clarity, and length until it finally morphs into a new sound altogether. One that gives rise to a high-pitched melody that then harmonizes with some bass. This song is an earful. It may not seem like it at first, but its like a good movie in which you pick up more intricacies with each pass.

My Pet Coelacanth

This is a fun song and a typical deadmau5 song in which he doesn’t seem to be taking himself too seriously. For a little nostalgia, check out the middle stretch for some Ghosts n’ Stuff era synth sounds. This song embodies the bipolar musical style of deadmau5. Even within one song you can find a manic stretch somehow coexisting with a detached and ambient stretch.



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