Ilan Bluestone is at it again. “Snapdragon”, his newest release from his upcoming EP, does not disappoint and has already earned a place alongside the likes of “Big Ben” and “Spheres” in my mind. I try not to take audio of prereleased tracks from the Group Therapy show due to the inclusion of introductions, but I couldn’t resist. This track needs to get out there and publicized ASAP.

This track is nothing like the delicate flower that I played with as a child. For those of you that don’t know, if you squeeze a snapdragon flower at the right point its “mouth” will open and shut. If you haven’t done this then you’ve been missing out. Go buy some for your kids…or yourself. Before I talk about the track let me note that you should skip ahead to 0:40 to avoid the introduction.

I would summarize this track as intricately woven. Its fast but precise at the same time in the way that complex military aerial maneuvers are.The track starts out with some pretty complex percussive aspects and at 1:00 Ilan includes some foreshadowing of the melody to come. It then folds open to reveal a beautiful stretch at 2:00, and the layers are slowly and flawlessly added back in as the track builds to its apex at 3:24.

Oh my… 3:24. The most epic stretch of trance/progressive that I have heard recently. I especially like the lonely echoing piano layered in there. It elevates this hard driving track and gives it a sense of lightness.



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