An Evening Out

These tracks aren’t really the types that you’d tear up a dance floor to, but I think they’d be great in a relaxed setting. I’d really like to listen to these on a beachside bar balcony with a view of the water, crisp cocktail, and the setting sun. A slight salty breeze ruffles my hair as dusk turns to twilight and the warmth of the cocktails and outdoor fireplaces set in…

This first track is a slooooow burn, but I really like it. Be patient with it and enjoy this dude’s wonderful voice.

This next track makes everything in the world feel right. Perfect for enjoying a setting sun as you contemplate things far bigger than yourself and your place in them. Make sure to download it. Its free.

Ok snap out of that existential daze. The sun has set by the time that this track comes on. Its a little more upbeat and would work well as a transition from atmospheric progressive to more upbeat late night tracks. It’d be perfect as a send off from a beachside bar to a club.

Say goodbye to that lovely bar because now you are off to a club to dance. Lets close out the evening with a pop song remix. Here is Audien’s remix of “Pompeii” by Bastille.




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