French Manicures and Summertime Sadness Remixes: So passé that they’re in?

I know, “Summertime Sadness” madness is way past its prime, but maybe it isn’t. Yesterday, I heard two women describe french manicures as “so passé that they are in”, so maybe EDM works like that too?

Just kidding. The real reason that I couldn’t resist sharing this Ilan Bluestone remix is that you can get it as a free download from Soundcloud. Another reason is that it is so fundamentally different from the original. It is essentially an original creation for the first 2 minutes. When Ilan finally does start to bleed in the Lana its pure genius. Her voice is faded and in the background while surf rock guitar twangs are accentuated.

Also, check out this other recently released Bluestone remix. Featuring “strobing” female vocals.


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