Nervo: Two Minds are Better than One

Nervo, the twin sister duo from Australia, strikes the perfect balance between mainstream EDM and the sound of hardcore club tracks that won’t make it to the radio. I wrote about the dearth of female EDM producers in a recent post, so I thought I would showcase what the two leading ladies of EDM can do.

This first track is longer than many Nervo tracks and includes more acoustical variation than those that follow. At 0:47 we hear a male vocalist with a lighter vocal and musical tone than the coming songs. This segment has a rather prolonged buildup to 2:01, but its so worth it. This particularly nasty stretch of music gives me chills. It sounds like some post-apacolyptic civilization’s version of club music. At 2:50 we are released back into the light but return to the previous theme at 3:50.

The following song is in your face right away, which is a pretty defining characteristic of Nervo tracks. If they don’t get up in your face immediately, rest assured they will before it is all said and done. We have an intro by a powerful female vocalist and a grungy sounding hard bass line. At 1:02 is where the goodness begins. This song is a turbulent whirlpool of raw power.

Again, this song starts out so strong. Contrast the ways these Nervo tracks begin with the trance/progressive tracks I usually share. Nervo wastes no time capturing the listeners attention, which I think has helped with their popularity. It reduces the dance floor lag during a mix. Again, about a minute in (1:15), this song take a turn into a very grungy electro sound. What do I think of when I listen to Nervo songs like this? I imagine a rave full of non pretentious people in grungy cloths dancing however they like just for the sake of dancing. No fights, no harassment, just people feeling the beat, and they don’t stop until the sun comes up.

This is relatively a more laid back track, but it still follows the general Nervo format. 0:45 is where the beat kicks in.

Lets move on two their newest track. Following the similar form, the track starts with strong vocals for the first minute and knock your back into your seat at 1:08. Unfortunately, the Soundcloud version that I found seems to be truncated.



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