EDM Needs More Female Producers

There is a serious lack of female producers in the EDM scene. With the exception of Nervo (a two for one Australian twin duo), I can’t think of any really big/mainstream female producers. Definitely take a look at the Nervo soundcloud page that I linked to above if you like hard-hitting club tracks that are a bit more “ragey” than I post here. They are making some of the best club music out there right now.

I thought I’d share this excellent track by female Swiss producer Dinka. The song is just so silky smooth, but has the right about of punctuation from bass, piano, and synth at all the right times and places. I also hear some muffled female vocals which gives the feeling of distance and detachment. Just what a good progressive track should sound like.

2:00 is my favorite part of the song. Out of the backdrop some very clear and prominent electro notes pierce the dreamy haze. This builds up to 2:45 where the previous themes are unified. Too bad the track cuts off pretty soon thereafter.


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