Pre-show Sampler

In anticipation of going to Myon & Shane 54‘s show tonight I thought I’d post some more tracks from them.

Lets start off with a remix. Everyone loves remixes, but I happened to be obsessed with this one. When I am not listening to EDM you will find me absorbing the dark and smoky sound of Lana Del Rey. They remixed “Young and Beautiful” just right. Its naturally a somber track, but they managed to invigorate it.

Ok. On to some original stuff. I don’t think that these tracks are classics by any measure, but Myon and Shane 54 produce tracks that don’t get old. They have a consistent style that doesn’t go out of style. Unlike tracks from an artist like Skrillex, coming across one of these tracks a few years down the road isn’t going to make you cringe from regret and auditory discomfort. 1:53 and 3:53 are pretty tasty.

The last track is pretty mild. It nice for some background study music.

Speaking of studying… I should probably get some done before tonight.


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