Three for One: Customizable Music

EDM tracks are extremely malleable and easily submit to brilliant remixes, and I love this about EDM because you have so much more to love if you like the original track. Multiple remixes allows listeners to be able to customize and personalize the sound and feel of their music library. Did you favorite artist’s last track not give you the right vibes? Don’t worry because I guarantee you that some talented producer somewhere felt the same way and will produce a version perfect suited to your tastes. 

“When you Loved Me” by Boom Jinx is a great example of this. Below is the original.

I love this version. My favorite part is when the bass kicks in at 0:10. I feel like I am being punched or shoved around by the beat. The beat fades and a vocal stretch carries the song for awhile till a heavy hitting stretch starts up at 0:57. Its a adrenaline filled ride from there. 

This version is pretty cool too. I love when the base is stretched out like what occurs at 0:08. The middle of this song is a nice contrast with its lightly plucked atmospheric strings. 

What is your favorite?


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