Terrible Tracks: Blame (Calvin Harris) and Heroes (Alesso)

I have already posted about my ambivalent feelings towards Calvin Harris productions, but his new song “Blame” is helping to solidify my feelings of the negative type. I really like John Newman, but this is an example of how liking a vocalist featured on a track doesn’t make me like the ridiculous genre blurring and pandering mess that this song is. Also, by my count, there is only like 30 seconds of a serious beat that you could dance to. The first segment is at 0:56, the second comes at 2:00, and the third at 3:00. Calvin Harris didn’t even make these limited stretches worth it.

Im surprised too, Calvin Harris. This song is tolerable because John Newman spices things up, but the beat, the part Calvin Harris does, is unimaginative.

This song by Alesso at least has a more sustained period of danceability, but it sounds grating. Again, I really like the vocalist, but the song is ruined by a terrible whining synth. I’d like to turn this up and give it a fair shake on good speakers, but I am seriously afraid of what that terrible noise would do to my ears. As Bilbo Baggins once said, this “feel[s] thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread”.

Now compare that to the following track by Super 8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson. This last track sounds like it was given time to fully mature and wasn’t rushed out of the door prematurely to appease the masses.


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