“Gravity” by Parker & Hanson was a favorite of mine from the Anjunabeats Vol. 11 compilation. I have talked about this album in articles featuring the tracks “Anjunabeach“, “Spheres“, “The Dark”, “Tension“, “Hindsight“, and “The District“. If you haven’t taken a listen to the full album you definitely should.

Anyway, “Gravity” in its original form is a tranquil, beautiful, and thought provoking piano piece. It is a nearly perfect track but even the best tracks can be reimagined and made more fitting for certain environments. Many EDM songs have acoustic or minimalistic deep versions, but the opposite happened here. It was made danceable.

Jason Ross, a new member of Anjunabeats, earns his stripes with this remix. 0:45 is where the differences became very apparent, but 1:15 is where this track takes on a life of its on. A life and personality very distinct from “Gravity”. The driving bass gives no relief and the beats seem to sound like they are dropping in from and returning to a constant thrumming background level of bass.

The original:


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