Lost in Reverie

This song crystallizes and makes emotionally tangible the point where you look back at an experience or person fondly, but you realize that you must move on. Inevitably, you decide to move on, but you realize you there is no need for sadness because that experience has positively changed you and will be with you forever. It is a moment full of sadness but also thankfulness. The end effect is the pleasant feeling of moving forward while simultaneously being lost in reverie.

At 4:30 the strings fade gently just like the moment of reverie fades and you go on with your life. This outro is perhaps the most beautiful of any electronic song that I have heard, and it is a fitting end to the final track in the forthcoming Anjunadeep compilation.

Aside from being emotionally complex, this track is so musically complex that I can’t begin to describe how the intricately interwoven elements work so well together. I suggest you grab a good pair of headphones to really appreciate the layering and technical expertise in this song.

This track has instantly rocketed to the top of my all time favorite deep house tracks. Out of all of the tracks that I have posted on this blog so far, this one deserve your full undivided attention more than any.

Get out your best headphones. Go to a quiet place and listen…



3 thoughts on “Lost in Reverie

  1. Hey man, just wanted to say ive been following you blog for some time now. Im a deep house producer and love your taste in edm. Im glad your not into all that generic shit. I discovered you on skyscraper city, HUGE fan of skyscraper architecture, and just architecture in general. Nice to see someone who is as in to skyscrapers and EDM. Kepp up the blog work brotha!

    If you want to check out my tunes, go to soundcloud.com/raymlife
    Im a huge fan on Anjunadeep and plan on sending them a demo of my new stuff in the future. Cheers

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  2. Thanks man! Glad to know I have some deep fans following. Honestly, I think my overall preference is shifting towards deep, and I find myself wanting to post about it more and more.

    I’m really loving your House Essentials EP on Soundcloud. Definitely getting a share on my Twitter! Also, feel free to hit me up whenever on SSC!


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