Not all songs are happy, and that is good.

Do you have a song that makes you profoundly sad but you can’t stop listening to it? I have two such songs that come to mind.

Before you go any further let me just say that I write about music and my responses to it. I know some people are uncomfortable with admitting that music can make them sad or they are uncomfortable reading anything but happy thoughts, but I think these emotional responses are an important part of my relationship with music. People seem to have a problem with talking about music that makes them sad. Why? We don’t have an issue discussing how a movie, painting, or play made us feel sad.

The first track is “I Remember” but Deadmau5 and Kaskade. 2:05 sets in and can absolutely ruin my day if I am in a susceptible mood. The instant the vocals kick in I am transfixed, my eyes glaze over, and I am cut off from the outside world. This track makes me feel isolated and distant from everything I know, and I see myself driving alone late at night in a large city. Drifting, isolated, and insignificant. The imagery I associate with this track is precisely what everyone fears. Loneliness. I still love the track because any piece of music that conjures such powerful emotions and imagery is true art.

This next track was on the first trance album that I ever bought, and it is made to be depressing. I distinctly remember being shocked at how sad it made me feel. It has an almost identical effect as “I Remember”.



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