College Flashbacks: The soundtrack to my nights out during my time at Indiana University

I am feeling particularly nostalgic this evening, so lets take journey through the tracks that set the tone for long nights of dancing in college. Obviously I talk a lot about how much of a trance/progressive purist I am, but I can’t deny that these mach-ups and pop/dance tracks are favorites of mine. They are tied to so many amazing memories!

Lets start off with some 3LAU mashups. This DJ is amazing, and I had the pleasure of dancing the night away in Bloomington while listening to one of his live sets. The end of the night involved bottles of champagne being exploded all over the crowd, which was fun during the moment but sticky and smelly the next morning (think crunchy champagne hair). If you keep up with pop music or dance music you will definitely recognize the components of each mashup and will really appreciate his skill in fusing them seamlessly. If you listened to at any point in your undergrad career then you will definitely recognize these tracks.

Lets start of with “E.T Youth Take shots”. It starts off with some piano from an old school Robert Miles track. I think the real roots of my trance/EDM obsession are with Robert Miles. My parents were big into putting on an album and giving it a good thorough listen, and Robert Miles’ Dreamland album was on heavy rotation. Mixed with this is “E.T” by Katy Perry and “Shots” by LMFAO.

Next up… Work Hard, Play Hard. Try my hardest to live life by that motto.

Danced the night away to the following track after IU beat Kentucky, and I was trampled in the ensuing chaos.


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