Rainy Day on a Fall Weekend

This track reminds me of waking up late on an October weekend. The room is slightly chilled, but it doesn’t matter because a good pair of sweatpants and an old sweatshirt are more comfortable than turning on the heater. The the air is slightly damp and the fragrant smells of fall fill the house. I slowly let myself wake up. Nothing is pressing and I feel like there is enough time for everything. I brew some coffee and browse my favorite websites for a little bit with this track playing in the background. Suddenly the timer on the coffee maker goes off from the other room, and I come to my senses and realize how great it smells. When I go to get my coffee I look out of the window and realize that its steadily raining. Rivulets silently stream down the window pane. I take my coffee back to my desk and start to get out the days work or study materials. The sound of the rain tapping on the window and rustling the vibrant leaves on the trees quietly persists in the background, keeping me company as the day effortlessly passes.



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