Ready for liftoff. All systems are go…

posted earlier about an excellent Above & Beyond remix by Ilan Bluestone, and since I recently posted about Arty I thought his rendition of an Above and Beyond classic was in order.

When I hear this track I feel like I am riding a rocket into the upper atmosphere, thrust into my seat with the rockets roaring in my ears. At 0:24 the thrusters turn off and fall back to Earth as I gently glide free from the Earth’s gravity. For the next minute and a half I look back down on Earth to admire its complexity and beauty. Then, all of the sudden (1:55), the song takes me into hyperspace (for you Star Wars people) or kicks on the warp drive (for you Star Trek people), and I am off to an unknown destination as the stars race by.

What an amazing track! Listen below.



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