Soundprank- Classically trained producer

Soundprank is a true artist (actually trained as a classical pianist) who describes himself as a musical storyteller. While they aren’t necessarily danceable, his productions are my tracks of choice when I go on a long night drive, road trip, or a jog.

After awhile everyone can become a little bored with a repetitive track, no matter how catchy or danceable it is. However, Soundprank’s tracks keep me entertained, pull me in, and encourage me to create a personal mental narrative to the song. What I love the most is that my mental narratives to the tracks are unique upon each listen. The ambiguity of the music leaves space for creativity and for my current mood and context to influence my thoughts.

Take a listen to “Gemini” below. If you are like me, you will find yourself filled with anticipation for what comes next in the track. Soundprank is a master at making the listener wonder what is around the next musical corner. See if you agree.




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