Irvine cityscape featured in “Concrete Angel” music video

“Concrete Angel” is a solid track, but I am not posting about it for the music. It isn’t that amazing. However, this has long been one of my favorite videos because I love skylines, cityscapes, and the lights of a city at night.

Many of you know that I spend a ridiculous amount of my time looking at skyscraper construction and skyline photos (check out Skyscrapercity if you are interested) and that I can identify the vast majority of US and world skylines (even obscure ones) in movies, images, and TV shows. Everyone has a weirdly specific talent. For example, some people can identify the color of M&Ms just by taste, but I have a photographic memory for skylines and buildings

Anyway, the main reason I am posting this video is because I noticed that it contains images of Irvine’s groundscrapers sprinkled in with the more dense and bustling shots of LA.

Below is the video followed by a list of buildings, the time they appear in the video, and a photo of them.

2:39- Jamboree Center (The taller ones)

2:50 Jamboree Center (The shorter ones)

2:54- Century Center II



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