Adaptable Arty: “Up All Night” embodies the changing sound of EDM

I previously posted about the changing landscape of EDM music. The arrival of crowd pleasing artists like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, or Afrojack has lead to a proliferation and popularization of EDM music in the United States. In response to this trend, some trance and progressive producers are adding more vocals to their tracks and adopting a “pop” sound to stay relevant and make more money.

Arty, a household name from the Anunabeats label, is playing this game quite well, but is at risk for completely losing touch with his roots. Below is his new track “Up All Night”. 1:25 is downright amazing.

Now here is one of his older tracks from Anjunabeats called “Flashback”. 2:24 is where the track hits its stride.

This shift perfectly summarizes the difference between where EDM music has been and where it is going, but I think that an artist can take a track so far that it slips into a different genre. This is currently pretty easy to do because pop is meeting EDM halfway and facilitating sonic homogenization. Don’t get me wrong. I love “Up All Night”! It is a very danceable tune, but it isn’t trance or progressive.

I am primarily here to write about good music, which can be found in all genres. That being said, take a listen to these two very different tracks and add them both to your collection!



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