Nothing You Can Say

One of my favorite deep tracks of the year. “Nothing You Can Say” about this song other than that it pure ear candy. 


An Uplifting Calm

This track makes me feel like I am sitting in an airport waiting on a flight to a far off vacation destination. I close my eyes and think of the beach that I am about to visit. The smell of the tropical air and the sound of the waves come to mind. This track takes you by the hand and leads you to a place where you can be calm and relaxed. 



I posted a snippet of “Tension” in my post discussing the importance of silence in a track, but I think that the full official version of this track deserves to be posted.

As its name implies, this song is all about tension. Honestly, this entire song works toward one drop, and it is totally worth it. When I first heard “Tension” I was skeptical. I felt that it was a bit of a gimmicky track relying on one effect, but the more that I listen the more that it grows on me. Most tracks that simply rely on building tension followed by a big release fall flat. The release just doesn’t live up to the expectations and anticipation created by the build up. However, Ilan Bluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae manage to pull it off here, and its impressive.

They hook the listener with a solid beat at 0:15 then they transition into an extremely long build up. However, the teaser at 0:15 is enough to remind you of what is likely to come after the drop, so you keep listening. The build up itself is actually enjoyable unlike many build ups in EDM songs can turn out to be grating and downright irritating. Not the case here. I am not sure that I have ever heard a track that creates such an overwhelming feeling of a coming storm, a rising wave, or a gathering avalanche. Finally, the track rises to its apex at 2:15 and releases an incredible amount of stored energy.


“Gravity” by Parker & Hanson was a favorite of mine from the Anjunabeats Vol. 11 compilation. I have talked about this album in articles featuring the tracks “Anjunabeach“, “Spheres“, “The Dark”, “Tension“, “Hindsight“, and “The District“. If you haven’t taken a listen to the full album you definitely should.

Anyway, “Gravity” in its original form is a tranquil, beautiful, and thought provoking piano piece. It is a nearly perfect track but even the best tracks can be reimagined and made more fitting for certain environments. Many EDM songs have acoustic or minimalistic deep versions, but the opposite happened here. It was made danceable.

Jason Ross, a new member of Anjunabeats, earns his stripes with this remix. 0:45 is where the differences became very apparent, but 1:15 is where this track takes on a life of its on. A life and personality very distinct from “Gravity”. The driving bass gives no relief and the beats seem to sound like they are dropping in from and returning to a constant thrumming background level of bass.

The original:

Lost in Reverie

This song crystallizes and makes emotionally tangible the point where you look back at an experience or person fondly, but you realize that you must move on. Inevitably, you decide to move on, but you realize you there is no need for sadness because that experience has positively changed you and will be with you forever. It is a moment full of sadness but also thankfulness. The end effect is the pleasant feeling of moving forward while simultaneously being lost in reverie.

At 4:30 the strings fade gently just like the moment of reverie fades and you go on with your life. This outro is perhaps the most beautiful of any electronic song that I have heard, and it is a fitting end to the final track in the forthcoming Anjunadeep compilation.

Aside from being emotionally complex, this track is so musically complex that I can’t begin to describe how the intricately interwoven elements work so well together. I suggest you grab a good pair of headphones to really appreciate the layering and technical expertise in this song.

This track has instantly rocketed to the top of my all time favorite deep house tracks. Out of all of the tracks that I have posted on this blog so far, this one deserve your full undivided attention more than any.

Get out your best headphones. Go to a quiet place and listen…


The Grid

I bet the inside of a computer would sound like this song. When I listen to this track I experience a setting not unlike that featured in the movie Tron. Lines of lights and information streak by in geometric patterns, and I have a sense of being connected into and having instant access to vast stores of knowledge. However, the experience isn’t overwhelming. Rather I feel a sense of control and precision, which is exhilarating.


Maybe in the future when we all have cybernetic interfaces with computers we will be able to confirm my hypothesis. Until then, take a listen to this track.

Off-Beat Beauty

Jaytech hardly disappoints, and his new track “Afterburner” is no exception. This euphonic track is solid all the way through, but it is notable enough to write about due to a particularly delicious stretch at 1:49. This off-beat section is so amazing, and my only qualm with it is that it is not nearly long enough! Jaytech makes up for it with a solid build-up that releases at 2:50.

My first and favorite off-beat track is “Invincible”. 3:40 still gives me chills. I can’t overstate how much I like a good off-beat stretch in a track.

I should also mention that Jaytech has his own weekly radio show that I like almost as much as Group Therapy. After I finish the week’s Group Therapy, his podcast is what I reach for next.