The “Vocal Strobe”

The track featured in this post is perhaps the best remix of an Above & Beyond track that I have ever heard. The original track is called “Satellite” and was released under Above & Beyond’s OceanLab alias. In the experienced hands of one of their most promising proteges, Ilan Bluestone, this track becomes a refreshing and modern reincarnation of the original.

As I have mentioned, I am a sucker for dreamy female vocals, and this song takes things to a new level by implementing one of my favorite effects. I am not a trance producer and don’t know the technical term, so I will call it the “vocal strobe”. Have you ever seen those seizure inducing strobe lights? I am sure you have, but in case you haven’t suffice it to say that they emit flashes of light at varying rates rather than continuous light. I think that the effect in “Satellite” is the auditory equivalent of a strobe light.

Here is another way to think of this effect. Open your mouth and say (sing if you’d like) “Aaaahhhhh”. As you are doing that, tap your mouth with your hand rapidly so it effectively turns the sound on and of. Ilan does precisely that to the original vocals in this track. Although, I’m guessing he probably used a computer program and not his hand.

Below is the track. I hope you enjoy it!


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