Andrew Bayer Introduction

I mentioned in an earlier post that Ilan Bluestone may be my favorite Ajunabeats artist. It would probably be a certainty if it weren’t for the genius named Andrew Bayer. This DC native is the most versatile member of the Ajunabeats family. He creates everything from aggressive sounding club tracks to dreamy and borderline ambient mood music. The latter will be covered in detail when I write about one of my all time favorite albums “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave“.

The District
Once Lydian

As a preview of Andrew Bayer’s lighter side I leave you with the chilled out track “Need Your Love”. This track is a musical bridge between the likes of “Once Lydian” and the ambient sounds of “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”. Take a deeeep breath. Can you smell the pines and forest air in this video?

Need Your Love

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