Memory Lane

Sometimes its nice to take a trip back down memory lane. Take a listen to this 11 year old flashback to remember what real trance felt like. 4:50 onward is where it gets really good.

Speaking of Memory Lane. That is the title of Kyau & Albert’s newest track. I really enjoy this one and the awesome vocals make it easy to listen to again and again without getting old.


We are Friends: vol 5


Below is the entire album, but I want to call your attention to a few of my favorites.

1. Saved by deadmau5. This is classic deadmau5 in the same vein as HR 8938 Cephei which is a favorite of mine. The sparse and melancholic track features chord progressions that pull the strings on my emotions. Like many deadmau5 tracks, it will be wasted if you don’t have the time to focus on it or have the patience to listen from start to finish.

3. Neverdeader by BlackGummy. The phone ringing at the start is slightly creepy. I like it. Check out this other track from BlackGummy that I love. Its called The Machine.

6. Hell is Other People by Eekkoo. 4:50 is very dark, but at the same time has a full and rich sound that invites you in. It isn’t inviting in the way that a warm fireplace is, but it is inviting in the way that a strange light coming from a room down the hall is. It piques my curiosity and I want to see what is in the room.

9. I Need You by Neus is absolutely fascinating. It keeps with the darker electronic theme of the album, but it has a but of tropical house trying to break through.

10. Someone to Write About by No Mana. I would venture to say that No Mana beat daudmau5 at his own game. The entire track feels like a deadmau5 counterfeit, but the weird thing is that I would pay more for this than the original. I especially love 3:35.


Summer Sounds

Here is an upbeat mix from Spinnin’ to keep your party going on the beach, lake, pool, wherever you may be.

After you are done and relaxing give these chill out tracks a spin. They are absolutely fantastic.

And deeper…

And deepest…

And goodnight…

Follow the Light

I love Andrew Bayer and I have enjoyed Arty’s recent return to Anjunabeats. Never would I have imagined these two heavy weights teaming up, but the results are euphoric. I think this may be my favorite Anjunabeats release in a long time.

I like to think about which artist influenced what in these dual effort tracks, so lets break it down that way.

The opening is tricky. I think the grungy feel punctuated by male vocals à la the Do Androids Dream EP sounds like Bayer. However, I am not too sure after Arty’s recent “Distorted Love” release. Perhaps Bayer has been in the studio with Arty more than we realize.

0:45 is deliciously chunky. Imagine that hitting you on the dance floor at about 2am. Hope I experience that soon as Bayer will be in my area.

1:30 is the type of sweeping cinematic stretch that is classic Bayer. The piano and strings here remind me of “Celestial“.

2:18 “Which way do you think we should go?” This gave me chills. Again, this is Bayer. He loves these types of vague vocals that function to set a tone and create unanswered questions rather than state things.

Immediately after 2:18 I think its fairly equal but an Arty flavor predominates.

Also included in this post is a new one from Jason Ross. This is his first vocal track just like Ilan recently produced his first. I think that this sounds a bit formulaic. That isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m left feeling like I’ve already heard this song upon my first listen. That being said, the vocals and production are fantastic. I’d like to see something a bit more unique, but I think he will find his own sound with vocal tracks soon enough.



California Love and Near NYC Disaster

I love this song and video. Its a deep track with a nostalgic Lana del Rey styled video. However, I have one problem with it. If my eyes don’t deceive me, this video features the Citicorp Building in NYC while pretending to be set in CA.

This unique structure is famous for having a fatal engineering flaw that had to be corrected after construction to avoid a strong gust of wind from toppling the structure in the middle of Manhattan. Notice there are no support columns in the corners at the base/foundation so this caused complicated structural requirements further up the structure. Thats why structural engineers get the big bucks.




Acoustic II: Full Release

Acoustic II is now out so make sure to grab your copy! These guys deserve the album purchase for their hard work and amazing talent in translating EDM to acoustic.

Many have pointed out that there are some serious James Bond undertones throughout the album and I love it. Listen to “On My Way to Heaven” for a great example. I vote for A&B to do the next Bond theme.

Here is the entire album on YouTube. This is an album that I will cherish forever. This will be an album that I come back to years later and give a thorough and appreciate listen. Thank you A&B for doing this.


Anjunabeats Update

Many diehard Anjunabeats fans are resenting the vocals on this track, but I love them. Does it convey more of a dance-pop feel? Absolutely, but innovation to stay relevant and fresh is necessary. This is a great sister track to K&A’s other recent release, “About the Sun” which I have also posted below.

Speaking of innovation and change… This track by Adam Nicky manages to employ the classic trance formula while sounding modern. If you want to hear what us trance heads love then take journey through this track.

I am so glad that Arty is back on the label. While I absolutely loved his album “Glorious” I prefer his Anjunabeats releases a tad more. Check out that album here. I have that album on repeat often when I study. It is solid from start to finish. His new track “Distorded Love” is a fast-paced adrenaline rush. Buckle up for this one and don’t play it while driving. I’d imagine it would predispose to speeding.

Do you like progressive? Do you enjoy that slow burn with subtle additions and subtractions that culminate in noticeable shifts over the course of minutes? If so then listen to this. If not then don’t and I won’t blame you. The ear must be trained to enjoy progressive.




deadmau5 has a new track and it is as cold and bleak as the Canadian winter. This track, created in the dark depths of that winter, was also likely influenced by another type of darkness. Depression. Zimmerman recently opened up about his struggle with depression, and this sparse song seems to be a musical manifestation of his mental state. While I love the return to this original deadmau5 vibe, I hope that Zimmerman gets well.

Here it is: “Snowcone”. This has been on repeat.

The recent single reminds me of some of his very early work which I have included below. Here are two of my favorites.




Maybe they should call deep house trance because these days that is what is actually putting me in a trance-like state. Yotto is the master at producing deep tracks that have a mind-blowing simplicity. When I listen to these massive one note bass drops I have to wonder “How has nobody done this before? Its so simple!”

Yotto’s music taps into something very deep. For me it wipes my brain and allows me to mentally tune out everything. It is my musical meditation.

Yotto’s music is very hard to describe with words. It works over minutes rather than seconds. If popular house music that you hear on the radio or in clubs is like man-made change then Yotto’s music is like geological change. It is slow, deliberate, and powerful. It also can’t be appreciated viewing only a narrow temporal slice. You have to listen to the entire track. Despite this, I will attempt to point out places where I think you can get a feel for Yotto’s sound.

Aviate- 1:35. 4:16.

Crosswalk- 3:50 onward

Bigger than Love- Remix and Video

I am a massive fan of Ilan Bluestone’s first vocal track “Bigger than Love”, and I didn’t think a remix could do it justice. Well, David Gravell, proved me wrong. Apparently, Gravell and Bluestone are friends who often share production tips with each other, so they must be on the same wavelength. Usually I’m not a fan of tracks that try to do too much. This is a complicated remix that has a fluctuating personality, but it absolutely works. Let’s go through it.

Staying true to a Bluestone track, Gravell starts us out with a familiar hard bass underlying the vocals. At 0:47 that aggressive base gives way to a playful stretch that has shades of tropical house.

1:30 is where things get interesting. This part reminds me of a helicopter starting up. Gravel starts slow and progressively increases the RPMs until, at 2:20, we have lift off. Put 2:20 on the best speakers you have and make sure to appreciate the light and tropical notes sprinkled throughout. Its a perfect balance between bass and the lighter side of EDM.

Here is the official video. While not what I expected, it is a very well done video and managed to pull at my heartstrings.