Hakkasan: Tiesto and DallasK

I don’t usually listen to the big room tracks of labels like Spinnin’ unless I am actually in Vegas. I don’t feel like they translate well to small headphones or casual daily listening. I might add one or two to my gym playlist but thats about it. Since I don’t listen to that music much I wasn’t familiar with DallasK who opened for Tiesto when I was at Hakkasan last weekend. I actually enjoy these big room tracks in their native environment and had an excellent time listening to DallasK’s set. His tracks and mixes are hard hitting and have the appropriate ADHD rapid fire drops and transitions that you want to keep you entertained and energized at the start of a 4 hour stretch in the club.

This is a great example of his style. 1:07 really knocks you on your ass in person.

This is a collaboration between the two that was just released.

Anjuna Update: Getting excited for ABGT200

First of all. Be excited for this years lineup. It is going to be an extremely long event packed with new tracks from some of my favorite artist. Check out the lineup in this video.  I’d stay home and watch it all day if I could.

To get you excited for the host city of Amsterdam, enjoy this remix of a classic.

Alright, on to the new music. First up is a pair of tracks from the combined powers of Ilan Bluestone and Jason Ross. I really enjoy them both. They are solid from start to finish and everything you’d expect from such a massive pairing.

This is a lovely Maor Levi vocal track. Its so nice to hear an occasional male vocalist on a track like this.

The flipside of the warm and rich male vocals of the previous track is the airy sound of Sue McLaren on this Genix track.

The next two are from a new artist to Anjunabeats, Tuskana. These tracks are more in the progressive vein and remind me a lot of Grum. While not my go to sub-genre I do enjoy progressive occasionally.

Sliding further down the spectrum we arrive at deep house. Here are some highlights from Anjunadeep over the past few months.

This funky little number would work well in a tightly packed and intimate club at 3am. Would love to hear it in person.

Where would Anjunadeep be without the thrumming dark sounds of Yotto.

While not released on Anjuna, Lane 8 just released a masterful new track. Check out 2:00 onward.


One of the most iconic electronic tracks of all time, Porcelain is almost flawless. Can it be remixed? Should it be remixed? Is it sacred ground? Well, Above & Beyond and Arty tried their hand at remixes. I generally like them both, but there is no way to improve upon the original. Porcelain can only be made a bit more modern sounding and fresh but with that goes much of its charm.

Let me know. Can Porcelain be done justice in a remix? Did these two accomplish that? Which do you like better?


Above & Beyond

I feel like they share my sentiment about Porcelain being perfect. However, I think this caused them to avoid altering the iconic parts of the song resulting in a remix that feels a bit disjointed at the start. Its a hard balance to strike, but I think the track finds it more towards the end.


Arty just goes for it. He gets his hands on it and really makes it his own while respecting the original.


Piano Notes, Vocals sans Lyrics, and Pure Trance

Its time for a big update. These are some trance and progressive tunes that I’ve picked out over the past few weeks.

If you’ve visited this blog at all in the past you can probably guess why I love this one. Im a sucker for that contrast between intense bass and lonely sounding sparse piano notes.

I love the next track for similar reasons.

No this is not a flashback. This is just some high quality trance from one of the best, Paul van Dyk. You absolutely must listen to 3:51. This stretch is what I love about the genre.

Here is a piano fueled intermission at 2:10 that is breathtaking.

Another things that I love… vocals sans lyrics.

Here is another deadmau5 minion with a very deadmau5 sounding track.

I wrote a post about tropical house and I think it has a musical relative along the trance branch of the family tree. I don’t know exactly what to call it so lets call it beach trance. Like its cousin this sound takes you to a warm sandy beach but instead of partying you are watching the sun set.

Lets end on a weird note. Enjoy.



Trop House Takeover

I was in Vegas this past weekend and the current ambience of that city is now set by tropical house flavored pop/EDM piped into every casino, hotel, pool, and outdoor area. In all of my time following EDM I don’t think I have ever seen a specific and formerly niche vibe come to pervade almost all of popular EDM and many pop radio hits. Below is a sampling of some of the tracks I heard constantly throughout my trip. I’ve also included a link to an Apple Music playlist that really embraces the sound if you want more.

Its easy to understand why trop house is so popular. We all want to be perpetually on vacation on a sandy beach with a cold drink and not a care in the world. Trop house aims to take you there for 3-4 minutes and you get addicted. Below are great examples of the genre and the videos capture the spirit of the genre. Tan, beautiful, rich, infinity pool, boat, beach palm tree, stylish, carefree. We all want to be these things and experience them. Trop house gives that to us for a brief moment on our commute to work, daily workout, or while doing housework. It is a temporary antidote to the mundane.

Here are a few that are a bit more on the pop side. I know many people aren’t big Bieber fans, but he has smartly ridden the trop house wave and is featured on many of them.

Memory Lane

Sometimes its nice to take a trip back down memory lane. Take a listen to this 11 year old flashback to remember what real trance felt like. 4:50 onward is where it gets really good.

Speaking of Memory Lane. That is the title of Kyau & Albert’s newest track. I really enjoy this one and the awesome vocals make it easy to listen to again and again without getting old.


We are Friends: vol 5


Below is the entire album, but I want to call your attention to a few of my favorites.

1. Saved by deadmau5. This is classic deadmau5 in the same vein as HR 8938 Cephei which is a favorite of mine. The sparse and melancholic track features chord progressions that pull the strings on my emotions. Like many deadmau5 tracks, it will be wasted if you don’t have the time to focus on it or have the patience to listen from start to finish.

3. Neverdeader by BlackGummy. The phone ringing at the start is slightly creepy. I like it. Check out this other track from BlackGummy that I love. Its called The Machine.

6. Hell is Other People by Eekkoo. 4:50 is very dark, but at the same time has a full and rich sound that invites you in. It isn’t inviting in the way that a warm fireplace is, but it is inviting in the way that a strange light coming from a room down the hall is. It piques my curiosity and I want to see what is in the room.

9. I Need You by Neus is absolutely fascinating. It keeps with the darker electronic theme of the album, but it has a but of tropical house trying to break through.

10. Someone to Write About by No Mana. I would venture to say that No Mana beat daudmau5 at his own game. The entire track feels like a deadmau5 counterfeit, but the weird thing is that I would pay more for this than the original. I especially love 3:35.


Summer Sounds

Here is an upbeat mix from Spinnin’ to keep your party going on the beach, lake, pool, wherever you may be.

After you are done and relaxing give these chill out tracks a spin. They are absolutely fantastic.

And deeper…

And deepest…

And goodnight…

Follow the Light

I love Andrew Bayer and I have enjoyed Arty’s recent return to Anjunabeats. Never would I have imagined these two heavy weights teaming up, but the results are euphoric. I think this may be my favorite Anjunabeats release in a long time.

I like to think about which artist influenced what in these dual effort tracks, so lets break it down that way.

The opening is tricky. I think the grungy feel punctuated by male vocals à la the Do Androids Dream EP sounds like Bayer. However, I am not too sure after Arty’s recent “Distorted Love” release. Perhaps Bayer has been in the studio with Arty more than we realize.

0:45 is deliciously chunky. Imagine that hitting you on the dance floor at about 2am. Hope I experience that soon as Bayer will be in my area.

1:30 is the type of sweeping cinematic stretch that is classic Bayer. The piano and strings here remind me of “Celestial“.

2:18 “Which way do you think we should go?” This gave me chills. Again, this is Bayer. He loves these types of vague vocals that function to set a tone and create unanswered questions rather than state things.

Immediately after 2:18 I think its fairly equal but an Arty flavor predominates.

Also included in this post is a new one from Jason Ross. This is his first vocal track just like Ilan recently produced his first. I think that this sounds a bit formulaic. That isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m left feeling like I’ve already heard this song upon my first listen. That being said, the vocals and production are fantastic. I’d like to see something a bit more unique, but I think he will find his own sound with vocal tracks soon enough.



California Love and Near NYC Disaster

I love this song and video. Its a deep track with a nostalgic Lana del Rey styled video. However, I have one problem with it. If my eyes don’t deceive me, this video features the Citicorp Building in NYC while pretending to be set in CA.

This unique structure is famous for having a fatal engineering flaw that had to be corrected after construction to avoid a strong gust of wind from toppling the structure in the middle of Manhattan. Notice there are no support columns in the corners at the base/foundation so this caused complicated structural requirements further up the structure. Thats why structural engineers get the big bucks.